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Founded in 1946 by a group of 23 business owners, the Medford Business Association (MBA) was created to promote a strong business community and to actively participate in civic and cultural programs that would make Medford NJ a desirable place to live, work and shop. The Association emphasizes creating public and municipal awareness of issues faced by the business community and works to resolve them.

Today we have expanded to over 170 active members, all listed here on our website and in our Annual Map Directory Book which is distributed to every resident and business in Medford and Medford Lakes.

Through monthly events and speaking engagements, members have the opportunity to network and make valuable connections to help their businesses succeed.

Membership in the MBA is a frugal and wise decision for any size business. Benefits Include:

Your business listed free on MBA website
Networking at membership meetings
Special events to showcase your company
Member discounts at selected businesses
Program presentations designed to help your business
Listing in our Directory sent to every address in 08055
Representation at Medford Township Council, Planning Board, EDC and other meetings

The MBA is proud to serve as your Local Partner for the "Shop Burlington County First" Program.

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Mission Statement
“The Medford Business Association is a not-for-profit organization that supports and promotes area business, creates opportunities for business people to meet and interact, and provides a voice for issues faced by the business community”
Officers & Directors for 2017
President: William Stauts
1st Vice President, Theresa Freedman
2nd Vice President, Robert Egan

Treasurer, Adam Drewry
Recording Secretary, Jane Weston
Correspondence Secretary, David Vaughn

3 Year Directors
Dave Miller, 12-31-19
Brad Denn, 12-31-19

2 year Directors
Carol Sinclair, 12-31-18
Chelsea Fichmann, 12-31-18

1 year Directors
Al Finkelstein, 12-31-17
Carol Eckert, 12-31-17
Karen Yang, 12-31-17
Elizabeth Jodlbauer, 12-31-17

Past President, Theresa Freedman
Executive Director, David Vaughn

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